Build Top Producing Agents using Brokermint and Mailchimp

A good broker trains their agents. A great broker automates and iterates on that training.

By connecting Brokermint to Mailchimp, you can set up a beautiful email training program for your agents, which you can then expand on in richer one-on-one meetings. You can also evaluate how that training is going, because it’s the same every time, and improve the spots that need work until it is a top producing agent machine.

Why spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars chasing a top producer when you can build a dozen in your own office? 

The best part about this strategy is that it’s so easy to get started. We can have it set up and ready for your emails in about 15 min.

Here are the steps:

1) Sign up for the Mailchimp Standard plan.

It’s about $15/mo and gives you access to beautiful email templates, but more importantly allows you to create long automated emails series’

2) Create custom fields in your Mailchimp Audience to match you Brokermint fields.

The more info about your agents you can share from Brokermint to Mailchimp, the more intelligently you can create email automations.

For example if you have a field in Brokermint with their license expiration date, you can have Mailchimp email a month ahead of time to remind them. Or if you have their street address in Brokermint you can have that Synced to Mailchimp and send them physical postcards for their work anniversary and holidays.

3) Connect Brokermint to Mailchimp using API Nation.

Once you sign into Brokermint, find and click the “Add On’s” option in the left hand navigation pane.

Scroll down to the API Nation tile, click through and click Connect. Now your Brokermint is connected to API Nation, scroll down to find the Mailchimp sync and click through there. Follow the prompts to set up the integration, if you need help this video can guide you:

Be sure to connect the fields in Brokermint to the Custom fields you’ve created in Mailchimp.

4) Create an email automation in Mailchimp for users that are added to the Audience

Grab one of the beautiful template from Mailchimp and start cranking out those emails. 

Don’t have the resources to shoot polished in house videos to include in the emails? No problem. Just find the best content across Youtube and the blogosphere and get that in front of your agents. 

Now all you agents who are added as users in Brokermint can be taken through the email series of your dreams. And as they go through it, you can solicit feedback to improve, update, and expand when you have time, which will create a compounding effect across your entire business!

If you have any questions, or need some ideas when creating your training emails don’t hesitate to reach out here or in our Facebook Mastermind group.

Have another app you’d like to Automate? Let’s do it!