We at API Nation are excited to release our latest sync for dotloop: a full backup of your dotloop into Google Suite. All of your loop information, contacts, and documents can be backed up in Google Suite with a few clicks!


Why Should You Use this Sync

There are many reasons why you’d need your dotloop backed up in Google Suite. Maybe you are in the process of changing brokerages, want your data in an easy-to-import format, or want to make sure you have everything backed up in case you need it in the future. No matter the reason, this sync is the answer for you.

This sync will take everything you need and map it to Google Suite. Loop information? The sync will make a Google Sheet containing all your loops and their data. Dotloop People and Loop Participants? Each contact, with all their information, is mapped to Google Sheets. What about documents? All your documents are automatically synced to Google Drive in folders for each profile in dotloop.

Going through all your loops and recording every bit of information would take hours, if not days. Making sure you have all your contacts and documents would take even more time. This sync eliminates the need to go through all that tedious work. Our sync does all of this for you in a fraction of the time!

How it Works

This backup does the following:

  • Sync Loops to Google Sheets
  • Sync Loop Participants and Dotloop People to Google Sheets
  • Sync Loop Documents to Google Drive

Sync Loops to Google Sheets

The backup will go through your profile in dotloop and look at all of the loops and their respective information. Each loop will be mapped into a row in Google Sheets, with each column containing all the fields in dotloop, including Loop Name, Sales Commissions, Closing Date, and more.

Sync Transaction Participants and Dotloop People to Google Sheets

The backup will go through each loop and look at each participant. Then it will map each participant into a row in Google Sheets, with all of their information in that row. It will do the same with dotloop People.

Sync Loop Documents to Google Drive

The backup will create folders for each profile in your dotloop then create a folder for each loop in each profile. In each loop, there are folders, and in those folders are the documents. The backup will map the documents into Google Drive with the same hierarchy: Profiles>Loops>Folders>Documents.

How to Set it up

This sync can be found on our dotloop sync page.

You can read a short summary on the capabilities of the backup before proceeding. When you’re ready, click “Connect dotloop” and login to your dotloop. You may need to authorize API Nation so that the backup can access your dotloop.

Next we need you to connect both Google Drive and Google Sheets. If your email is listed correctly, then hit “Next.” If not, then connect another account using the button below.

You can choose which Folder in Google Drive to send all of your dotloop documents to. If you click the dropdown, there is an option to create a new folder to sync everything to.

Once you choose a folder, make sure all the accounts are correct. Then click “Start Backup.”

That’s it! Now your dotloop will be backed up in Google Suite!


I set up the backup, but don’t see all of my documents. Is something wrong with the backup?

If you just set it up, then it is most likely fine. Dotloop has a limit to how much data we can take at a time, so the backup pulls over a limited amount of data every fifteen minutes. Eventually, your entire dotloop will be synced over, so please be patient with it. It will still take far less time than doing everything manually!

I see all of my old documents, but none of my new ones. Can you help?

Our sync starts from the oldest loops and works towards the most recent. Since we can only pull over so much at a time, you may be missing your newest loops until the backup finishes.

I think I’m experiencing a bug. What do I do?

Since this is a new feature, bugs may pop up. However, we have a dedicated support team who is always willing to help. You can contact us by sending us a message or by calling us at (858) 429-5651.

What is API Nation?

If you are not familiar with API Nation, it’s a tool that works as a bridge between your favorite apps, like Facebook and Boomtown, to perform powerful syncs and automation called Workflows.

Workflows eliminate the need to do manual tasks over and over again. See all the pre-built app connections we offer here.