Google Suite Backup for Dotloop by API Nation

With the Google Suite Backup for dotloop, you have the power to store a personal copy of the transactional data that you’ve lovingly taken the time to input. This feature is powerful in the event of changing brokerages, storing a backup locally in the event that you need access to data when not connected to the internet, or simply wanting to safeguard your data at any point. 

What does it do?

  • Syncs dotloop People and Loop Participants to Google Sheets
  • Syncs Loop information to Google Sheets
  • Syncs Loop documents to Google Drive

Frequently Asked Questions

I set up the backup, but don’t see all of my documents. Is something wrong with the backup?

If you just set it up, then it is most likely fine. Dotloop has a limit to how much data we can take at a time, so the backup pulls over a limited amount of data every fifteen minutes. Eventually, your entire dotloop will be synced over, so please be patient with it. It will still take far less time than doing everything manually!

I see all of my old documents, but none of my new ones. Can you help?

Our sync starts from the oldest loops and works towards the most recent. Since we can only pull over so much at a time, you may be missing your newest loops until the backup finishes.

I think I’m experiencing a bug. What do I do?

Since this is a new feature, bugs may pop up. However, we have a dedicated support team who is always willing to help. You can contact us by sending us a message, emailing us at, or by calling us at (858) 876-8274.