Software Engineer

Software Integrations, Node.JS, Python


Connect business software applications and build integrations on API Nation platform.

API Nation is a middleware platform, with hundreds of applications and millions of pre-built on-demand integrations between business apps which integrate, automate and solve customer’s problems. We are a small start-up team, and you will be one of the key software engineers working on adding new applications connections, extending and updating existing connections and building software integrations. You will work with customers, product managers, software developers from other companies, and experienced co-workers. You will solve very hard API and integration related engineering problems. At API Nation we invest in people who work hard to succeed.

About you:

  • You worked for 5+ years with back-end JavaScript (ex Node.js), and related technologies (see our stack below).
  • You have experience building software integrations.
  • You can complete a project from idea to finish with minimal supervision.
  • You have the tenacity for digging in and learning existing code. 
  • Your show excellent communication skills in your code, and writing.
  • You enjoy collaborating, teaching and interacting with people on your projects
  • You are an intellectually curious person who likes to learn and figure things out.
  • You are looking to join an early-stage startup to accelerate your growth.



  • Develop and deliver small, elegant, reusable app connections and integration solutions.
  • Customize prebuilt integrations per customers requirements.
  • Talk with customers on a daily basis and help their projects succeed.
  • Develop API Nation services written in Node.js and a little bit of Python
  • Build server-less services on AWS Lambda.
  • Code. Lot’s of code, code review, and documentation


  • For our core back-end service, we use Python(Tornado)paired with Django for customer portal, hosted on Heroku. We consider this “legacy” and are re-writing it in Node.js on the go.
  • Services which power app connections are built using Node.js on AWS Lambda for distributed services.
  • While this proved to be quick and reliable, we experiment with best of breed tech. You are encouraged to recommend and use stacks that are best for the job.
  • We work in the open source environment and practice iterative development and rapid deployments.
  • We also use React and Redux for our latest front-end work, Mongo as a primary data store. Exploring Dynamo DB, RabbitMQ and heavily use S3.
  • We are located in the Sorrento Valley area of San Diego, CA and this is an on-site position.


Mega Bonus Points if you:

  • Have integrated, developed or worked on business software such as Marketing Automation, CRM Accounting, or other systems.
  • Have experience with the Real Estate industry.
  • Have worked on or used Middleware (aka integration platforms) for applications integrations.
  • You are familiar with Python, Django & Tornado.


To apply, don’t just send a resume. Make it stand out! For example, look at the “about you” section above. Will we see that in your submission? Include a link to your public works, such as your GitHub, StackExchange, Linked In profiles. If you have written a blog, done presentations or spoke at events share it to show off your communication skills. Help us see the best in you!


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