In three easy clicks (or taps), your dotloop and Google Contacts accounts are connected, synced and organized. Try it!

Why Sync dotloop with Google Contacts?

Some apps are so bite-sized (pun intended) that you could almost forget they exist. Some, however, have so much impact on your day to day operations that it is easy to take them for granted. Google Contacts is one of those apps.

You probably use it as a simple address book built into Gmail. You know the drill, it auto-completes email addresses from your Google Contacts when you are sending a new email or when you add a contact on your phone, it automatically syncs it across all devices.

Each contact can store as much information as you could likely ever need to know about them. It allows you to track the contacts’ addresses, multiple emails, phone numbers, birthdays, websites, and so much more.

As a high tech real-estate professional, Google Contacts is not the only app you use to track customer. You took your brokerage or agency to the next level some time ago, replaced your form creation, e-sign, and real-estate transaction management with dotloop, a single end-to-end solution.

Sounds great, right? Well, there is still one little problem.

Now, every time you are working on a potential deal and gathering customer information, you still have to manually transfer customer’s info, to your Google Contacts.

Problem Solved!

In three easy steps, your dotloop and Google Contact accounts can be connected and kept in sync! As soon as a person is added in dotloop, the sync automatically syncs it to Google Contacts.

Setting it up

Start your dotloop & Google Contacts sync HERE

This link will take you to the landing page where you’ll be presented with all of the available dotloop + API Nation syncs. If you are interested, we have more guides available for each integration below:

Step 1

Click on Connect dotloop and log into to your dotloop account. When you see a message to authorize Apination to connect to your dotloop account, click APPROVE.

Step 2

At this stage, connect Google account, of if you already have Google Contacts connected to Apination click “Next”.

Step 3

Review the sync setting, make sure the account information for both dotloop and Google Contacts is correct, and you have All profiles or a specific profile selected, and click START FREE TRIAL.

How does it work?

We have two different syncs between dotloop and Google Contacts. One gathers contact information from each individual loop and the other syncs contacts in dotloop People. These are automatically turned on when you sign up for our service.

These two syncs work in the same way. They go through the contacts you have in dotloop and sync all of the information they have under one email contact in Google Contacts (if they have an email). That’s it! Now all the contacts you have in dotloop are stored in Google Contacts without having to manually re-enter all their information.

These syncs run every 15 minutes. They check through all of the contacts again, and, if some contact was added or updated, the sync updates your Google Calendars.


Where are my contacts?

We get this question often when customers first set up the syncs. Agents and admins can have hundreds of loops, each containing multiple contacts. Because our sync takes the contacts from each of these loops, it can take longer than expected to fully sync up all of your contacts. But do not worry, as our sync will get the job done regardless of the number of contacts.

Admin vs. Agent: What’s the Difference?

Dotloop has two different interfaces for admins and agents. Our sync works for both, but customers often ask about differences as an admin. One of the biggest concerns is sharing an admin’s entire contact list when assigning loops to agents, instead of being limited to only the information in the loop. However, there is no need to worry about our sync doing this. Agents only get the contact information from the loop they are assigned, leaving the privacy of contacts up to the admin.

What are specific situations that can occur with the sync?

Because our sync is automated, customers ask questions about how our sync works in specific situations. We will address some of these below.

What happens if…

  • A contact has two different emails in two different loops?
    • Two contacts will be generated in Google Contacts for each email.
  • A contact has different information (e.g. phone number) in different loops, but has only one email?
    • All information will be stored in one Google Contact.
  • A contact has no email?
    • The contact is created in Google Contacts with no email.
  • Two contacts have the same email?
    • Only one contact is generated in Google Contacts, with the most recently synced contact’s name. Both contacts’ information in dotloop will be put into this Google Contact. One can change the contact name by changing information of the preferred contact and syncing again.

There may be more fringe cases that we have not addressed here. If you encounter something you wish to bring to our attention, please contact us so that we may work on any bugs.

What is API Nation?

If you are not familiar with API Nation, it’s a tool that works as a bridge between your favorite apps, like dotloop and Google Calendar, to perform powerful syncs and automation called Workflows.

API Nation automatically syncs your applications. It’s finely tuned Workflows automate the common sense repetitive tasks. See all the applications with pre-built integrations here.