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Imagine a place where talented and driven people, band together into a high performing ninja” team. A place where love for customer experience and customer success are at the core of our work, where everyone tells it as it is and no-one tolerates mediocrity and bs.

Welcome to API Nation, We are Hiring!

Software Implementation Specialist, Jr Software Engineer

This role’s primary responsibility is to implement and support API Nation’s customers.

In this role, you will gather customer’s requirements and write basic JavaScript (Node.js) functions and JSON mapping to configure and support of customer’s software integrations. You will become proficient with many software applications which customers use. You will take calls, hold screen-share meetings. Write documentation and guides. Record walk-through videos. Solve tricky technical problems. Work with software engineers internally and those who work for some amazing software partners. This is a technical role best suited for an aspiring software engineer or a technical person looking to advance their skills. If this sounds like a role for you, read on.

Channel Sales Manager, Partners & Alliances

The primary responsibility of this role is to identify new partners and demonstrate the value from partnering with API Nation. Take charge of working with CRMs, Accounting, Back Office, and Franchises alike to give them and their customers the tools to succeed. Build channels to bring API Nation solution to their clients. Not only will you build the bridge to new partnerships, but also create sustainable and meaningful relationships with room to grow. After establishing these partnerships, our goal is to deliver unparalleled value to partners and customers through the tailored problem-solving solution and stellar support. If this sounds like a role for you, read on.

Marketing Manager

The primary responsibility of this role is to build and manage content campaigns that funnel customers into the pipeline and assure exponential growth. Using a variety of marketing avenues, such as email, texting, blogging, and many more, you will bring API Nation to the forefront of customer’s minds. Creativity is key, as you will explore new ways and avenues to bring customers into the API Nation ecosystem.  Most importantly, you will take ownership of marketing engine from strategic planning to iterated implementation. If this sounds like a role for you, read on.