Loop-It™ for Gmail by Apination: Getting Started

With Loop-It™ for Gmail integration, you can create loops directly through your Gmail account. This integration is free under beta and available through the Google Chrome store. When the integration is activated, a form to the right appears that allows you to directly make new loops by clicking the Loop-It™ button all within your Gmail.  

How to enable Loop-It™ for Gmail integration

Loop-It™ for Gmail by Apination is a Google Chrome browser plugin. Get it from the Chrome web store.
On the Google Chrome Extension page, press the ‘Add to Chrome’ Button and click yes to add the extension.
When installation is complete, you’ll have the Apination icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome browser.
To activate the extension onto your account, log into your Gmail. You will need to click the ‘Sign up with Google’ button and select the account to install the Loop-It™ for Gmail by Apination extension.
Once you sign in with Google, a new window prompting you to to log-in to your Apination account and connect your dotloop. Click ‘connect dotloop and proceed with the instructions.
Congratulations! Now the Loop-It™ for Gmail by Apination is installed and ready to be used.

How to create loops with Loop-It™ for Gmail

After installing the Google Chrome extension, you’ll be able to make new loops right out of your Gmail account. Whenever you receive a new lead within your email, a toolbar form will appear to the right. You may use the pop-up form to fill out information to create a new loop.

This form will contain the same information needed to create a new loop within dotloop.

Note: As we are currently in beta, not all the information will be pre-populated from the lead email yet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Loop-It™ for Gmail available on browsers other than Google Chrome?
Currently the Loop-It™ for Gmail integration is only available through the Google Chrome Store.

How many loops can I create? Is there a maximum amount of loops?
You can create as many loops based on your account type within dotloop.

When will the final product be released?
We are currently working hard at Apination to release the final version for you.

I’ve caught a bug. Where do I send that information to?
Please send your feedback to support@apination.com

Loop-It™ is a trademark property of dotloop.