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Salesforce Sales Cloud is a secure, fully customizable cloud-based CRM solution that offers the full range of features and functionality, at a cost that is scalable to fit any business.
The solution incorporates marketing, lead generation, sales, customer service and business analytics and provides access to thousands of applications through the AppExchange.
A real-time social feed for collaboration allows users to share information or ask questions of the user community.
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Free trial available: 30 days with no credit card info required

Salesforce Sales Cloud Review

Salesforce Sales Cloud is an extensive sales solution that helps you track all customer information and interactions in one place.

Contact Management

  • Know everything about your customers: key contacts, comprehensive profiles, activity log, customer communications, internal account discussions, deals, social data, etc.
  • Follow the chatter feed on every account and contact record

Opportunity Management

  • Keep track of critical data about your deals: amount, stage, milestones, decision makers at a company, probability, competitors, associated activities, etc.
  • Follow the chatter feed to receive automatic deal updates
  • Create quotes
  • Generate .pdf and e-mail to the customers

Lead Management

  • Track all the right information about your leads: original marketing campaign, most current contact information, associated tasks
  • Set up automatic lead scoring and routing
  • Track marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including social media
  • Build the official landing page for your company

App Exchange

  • Extend your CRM with over 2,000 business productivity apps built on the Salesforce platform

Reports and Dashboards

  • Create custom reports and dashboards with visual builder or via the open reporting API
  • Get the real-time view, with instant drill-down to the data you need

Analytics and Forecasting

  • Get an accurate real-time snapshot of your business
  • Adjust the forecasted amounts at the rep, period, and summary levels
  • Track performance against plan
  • Customize your forecast view
  • Tailor forecast categories to map to your company’s forecast stages

Partner Communities

  • Build and manage your partner network
  • Directly connect to partners with Salesforce to Salesforce: share and update data, pass leads, opportunities, etc.
  • Manage partner performance
  • Get complete visibility on where your business is coming from, your coverage model, your top-performing partners
  • Take advantage of the scorecards, pipeline reporting, win/loss rates, marketing ROI

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