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Salesforce Wave (aka Analytics Cloud) is a secure cloud-based BI platform that allows businesses to analyze massive volumes of enterprise data.
Instantly visualize how your business is doing, review trends, build forecasts, and create dashboards for persistent reporting and monitoring of your business KPIs.
Create aggregated views of your Salesforce or external data by loading it into datasets, and then slice and dice the data to get the answers you need to run your business. Save your insights, share with others, and collaborate on them in Chatter.
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Salesforce Wave Review

Salesforce Wave is an extensive analytics solution that enables you to make sense of large amounts of data.

It’s mobile-first

  • Salesforce Wave is designed and optimized first and foremost for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets, and supports both Android and iOS platforms.
    There’s the app for Apple Watch too.
    So you choose what is the device to work on: access your analytics and explore your data from desktop, mobile or smartwatch

Solutions for every line of business

  • Wave apps are ready-to-go analytical solutions customized to bring max value to your sales and service teams
  • Apps for IT: track app performance and usage, manage access to information, review action logs, etc.
  • Apps for Sales: watch how your business is doing via the embedded reports and dashboards, see into the pipeline, uncover opportunities, etc.
  • Apps for service: agents have access to a complete profile of a customer, managers can track agent efficiency, case trends and channel optimization. The built-in dashboards and lenses are aimed to help your entire team to deliver better service

Speed and Security

  • Fast to set up
  • Runs quickly
  • Enables confidential collaboration between you and your team through all types of devices (desktop, mobile, smartwatch)

Instand actions

  • Once you know an answer or have an opportunity, take an action instantly with the built-in tools – Wave Actions: create and assign a task, update a record, close a service case, collaborate with your team, etc.

Member of Salesforce cloud family

  • Integrates with other Salesforce.com clouds: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, etc.

Developer Edition org

  • Try Wave in free and safe test environment
  • Learn about the admin work for enabling and setting up Wave
  • Practice as a regular Wave user having all of the permissions defined and test data pre-loaded from the beginning

There are hundreds of ways we at Apination integrated Salesforce with other apps you use.
We’d love to show you how!