6 Ways Real Estate Pros Can Lead Their Community

Real Estate Pros, if there was ever a time to be a pillar in your community, now is that time.

The real estate community has been hit hard by the Coronavirus. Showings are down tremendously and there is much uncertainty. However, this down time also provides you the opportunity to be there for your community and support the people around you. Most people are scrambling to figure out how to work from home, how to manage their kids schedule or potentially how to make ends meet if they have recently been laid off.

Use this time and your unique skills as a real estate pro. We know that selling a home is more than being there when someone has a need to sell or buy a home. Selling real estate is about continuously being there for your neighbors, getting to know people and becoming known yourself. So that when the time comes for your neighbors to make some of the biggest financial decisions of their lives, it’s natural they think of you.

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Be active and get to know your community. Now is the time to connect and help your neighbor.

Summarize this all and share it on social media and via email. Ask people to re-share it if they found value and it helped them. You do not have to share all of this as one massive post. Break it into sections. For Example, you can make a post about emergency contacts so everyone is aware of who to call. You can publish a story about your recent grocery shopping experience and share the store times and where people can go.

Put together a plan as to when you will post this information and be diligent and consistent.

One of the easiest way to be there is through email. Checkout this webinar we recently hosted about Email Marketing and hit the ground running.

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