Apptivo Teams Up With API Nation To Upgrade Integration Features

New Partnership Positions Apptivo to be the Best CRM to Pair with Quickbooks

San Diego, CA (Oct 04, 2019) – Today, Apptivo announced a partnership with API Nation to bring powerful integrations to their clients, continuing Apptivo’s work of delivering software with unparalleled capability and flexibility. This partnership brings API Nation’s experience in closing the “app-gap” and integrating business software, to the Apptivo platform, which will help with addressing the operational challenges that all businesses face as they grow. The new interconnectivity will automate current workflows, giving Apptivo clients an expected boost in productivity of over 25%.

The first integration offered will sync Apptivo to Quickbooks Online and Desktop, largely eliminating manual importing, exporting and data entry between the platforms. The holistic integration brings a rich set of data into Apptivo and back to Quickbooks, improving visibility and productivity across departments.

“As companies grow, Apptivo wants to be there for them in every way. To be competitive in the market, Apptivo goes above and beyond expectations to deliver a great experience to our customers. We are overwhelmed with our Integration partnership with API Nation. These integrations are an absolute must for our clients to increase collaboration, decrease errors, and free-up focus as their businesses become more sophisticated.”

Bastin Gerald

CEO, Apptivo

Recently ranked #1 in the Customer Relationship Management software category by GetApp, Apptivo has continued to develop its suite of apps designed to solve specific business problems. The apps can be combined into custom solutions suitable for a wide variety of businesses while remaining easy to use, integrated, and affordable. The partnership with API Nation strengthens those solutions by extending that ease of use to the integration of Quickbooks to the CRM.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Apptivo and offer a smart solution for their professionals around the world to get their apps to work together in harmony. API Nation understands businesses have unique and complex workflows, that require nuanced yet powerful integrations. We’re excited to tackle this and future integrations for the Apptivo platform.”

Michael Davidovich

CEO, API Nation

The Apptivo partnership is the latest in a growing snowball of application and platform companies to tap API Nation to solve the interconnectivity challenge of today. The partnership also future proofs Apptivo’s platform as API Nation continues to add applications and workflows to remove the gaps between business tech.

About API Nation:

API Nation is a software integration platform known for its ease-of-use in the middleware industry. Connecting hundreds of applications using thousands of pre-built workflows, API Nation helps professionals everywhere make money and save time. Business owners know that by using API Nation to integrate their software and automate routine tasks, they can focus on what matters most: engaging clients and growing their business.

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