Send Beautiful Emails Automatically to kvCORE Leads, with this Constant Contact Integration

It can be really frustrating to spend time typing out emails to leads only to never hear back. One proven strategy for increasing your emailing success send out attractive messages full of professional graphics and images. You may already be using kvCORE to manage all those email addresses, now you just need Constant Contact to create and send those leads exquisite emails.

There’s so many moving parts in a business, the last thing you need is to spend hours to set up a “time saving integration.” We know that, so we’ve handled all the set up for you!

All that’s needed is to sign into your kvCORE and Constant Contact accounts, hit one button and the sync is on.

For a detailed breakdown, check out our kvCORE integration setup walkthrough and video here:

Stand Out in the Inbox, Effortlessly

The great thing about email is that it’s easy. The bad thing about email is that it’s ugly. Take a look at this uninspiring message we sent using the standard email setup.

Much of the real estate business is about presentation. Making things look beautiful!  Email is no exception. Wouldn’t your clients be more interested in receiving something like this?

Clients are 80% more likely to read an email with images. Having all your kvCORE leads in Constant Contact makes sending rich messages like this almost too easy. 

Automate and Move That Real Estate

It’s so important to be sending the right message at the right time to the right person. All that can be quickly automated using the kvCORE integration for Constant Contact.

You want to automatically send your new leads from the open house a welcome message and then have it followed with a series of messages with listings and advice.

Recipe to Email Every New Lead
prep time: 5 min
  • Create a mailing list for “new buyers” in Constant Contact
  • Set up a series of messages in Constant Contact (called an email automation) to be sent when a contact is added to the “new buyers” list
  • Set up your sync from API Nation to grab “buyers” with the preferred source (e.g. ”open house”) and sync them to your list “new buyers” in Constant Contact.
  • Enjoy

With this integration, you can specify that any lead that lands in your kvCORE as a buyer from an open house will automatically get a rich series of messages from you. You can  also do this for sellers, other agents, vendors etc. Just write those emails once, and have them sent out effortlessly as long as you’d like.

Setting yourself apart as a real estate agent can be a whole ‘nother full time job. Email is a huge opportunity to do that everday, . Using Constant Contact for your emails ensures that effort will be rewarded. And with the integration syncing Constant Contact to kvCORE those emails will literally send themselves.

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