Connecting Your Shop Boss Account to QuickBooks via API Nation

This Shop Boss integration is a huge boon for QuickBooks users! It’s always on, it’s always syncing the two apps, keeping the info in lockstep. As soon as you close a repair order or part sale, or create a payment in Shop Boss,that info is flashed right into your attached QuickBooks account. No copying, no pasting, no data entry errors and hassle. 

And of course, it’s quick and easy to set up:

1. Add the API Nation integration in Shop Bpss

2. Sign into QuickBooks


3. Configure and Launch!

1 Add the API Nation integration in Shop Boss


  • Login to Shop Boss and navigate to Accounting
  • Click on Quickbooks on the Accounting sidebar
  • Click on the big “Launch QuickBooks Integrator” button

2 Sign Into QuickBooks


  • Sign into QuickBooks
  • Authorize QuickBooks to connect to API Nation

3 Configure and Launch!


  • Select the kvCORE Leads that you would like synced
    • From Lead Type, you can choose to select, All, Buyers, Sellers or any combination.
    • From Sources, you can select All, or combine multiple sources
  • Select the List and Drip with the leads you want synced
    • It’s optional to put these customers on a specific mailing list and/or drip. We’re all about automation obviously, so we’d highly recommend having these customer synced right to a List and Drip.
  • Hit Start!

That’s it, we’ve now connected your Shop Boss and QuickBooks accounts! All those invoices and payments will create themself from now on. So you can go ahead and tell your nephew, intern, or whoever you tasked with the copying and pasting that they can move on to some more interesting work. Like getting you coffee ☕👍

Easy as 123! If you have any questions or hiccups we’re here for you. 

We love doing this stuff!