dotloop, a leading online transaction and productivity optimization platform in real estate, is now connected to, and available for syncs and automation on Apination’s platform.

We are kicking off our partnership with dotloop, by introducing Google Calendar sync for your loops and tasks.

Apination platform connects, integrates your software applications, syncs and automates your routine work. When we first worked with dotloop’s team, we’ve made a list of software that is popular and used by dotloop customers and planned to connect and build automation workflows for each of these apps.

We decided to kick off our list by releasing sync with Google Calendar as the first application to be connected and synced with dotloop.

Our reason for starting with Google Calendar is simple. Top real estate professionals know that well-managed calendar is key to their success. Juggling the sellers and buyers while staying on top of current deals is difficult. Having a personal life while you are it, can be a big challenge. That’s why keeping an accurate calendar with important deadlines is essential.

It made sense. Google Calendar sync helps dotloop customers. By syncing dotloop to their calendar. They never miss a deadline and see a current state of every loop and task.

What does syncing dotloop and Google Calendar do?

Syncing loops:

Apination syncs important dates from loops to your Google Calendar, including Contract Dates (Contract Agreement and Closing), Offer Dates (Inspection, Offer, Offer Expiration, Occupancy) and Listing Dates (Listing and Expiration), as they are entered or managed in dotloop.

Syncing tasks:

Apination syncs your tasks with due dates to your Google Calendar, so you don’t forget those important commitments.

These finely tuned workflows perform and automate the common sense repetitive tasks.
But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. Apination platform comes packed with a punch: support for multiple dotloop profiles, multiple google profiles, automated workflow logic and decision tools, data and error handling, sync monitoring and automated conflict resolution.
For those unique cases, the workflows are configurable to meet the need of most complex business rules.

Start your dotloop & Google Calendar sync setup HERE or contact us and let us know how we can help connect your apps and automate your routine.

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