How to Automate Backing up Documents from Dotloop to your Google Drive

What the Automation Will Do

Once the automation is set up, all documents currently in your Dotloop account and documents you add in the future, will be copied and placed into a folder in your Google Drive account. Every Dotloop profile will have its own folder inside the main folder, and every loop will have a folder inside the profile folders. The documents will be copied into the folder of the Loop they are attached to in Dotloop. So everything will start neatly organized.

The automation will also create a Google Sheet full of your Loops and their associated details. A Google Sheet full of your contacts and their associated details. And a Google Sheet of Participants in the loop and their associated details

The backup will be ongoing, so any new documents or contacts added to Dotloop will automatically also be added to your Google Drive.

The data in your Google Drive is independent from Dotloop. So if you can no longer access your Dotloop account, you can still access the data in Google Drive. Also if you turn off the automation, you can still access the data in Google Drive.

What You Will Need

1) Access to your Dotloop account
2) A Google Drive account

Available for free from Google and include 15GB of storage (an estimated 150,000 documents). Additional storage can be purchased from Google if needed. Learn more

3) The API Nation Dotloop and Google Drive Sync.

($20 / month for agent dotloop accounts, $69 / month for Offices or Team dotloop accounts). Get Sync

Steps to Create the Automation

1.) Add the API Nation integration to dotloop

Go to

Click the “Sign in / Sign up” button to create your free API Nation account.

2.) Sign Into the Apps

  • Click “Connect dotloop” and sign into the app
  • Approve the permissions so API Nation can secure your data
  • Sign into and connect your preferred Google Drive account
  • Sign into and connect that same Google Sheets account

3.) Configure and Launch!

Select the folder you would like the dotloop documents to sync to.

You can choose to allow the backup to create one called “dotloop via API Nation”

Hit Start

Your documents will immediately begin copying into your Google Drive account starting with the oldest loops.

Note: It can take awhile for the backup to get fully caught up. It moves hundreds of documents an hour, but for larger accounts it can still take days to fully create your backup. It will then continue to update with any additional documents you add to dotloop from now on. 

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