Create Loops in dotloop from Gmail using Loop-It™

Agents often receive leads from various websites in their Gmail to increase their number of potential clients. Now agents who use dotloop can create a loop without having to switch from Gmail by using the Loop-It™ plugin created by API Nation.

Loop-It™ creates a sidebar in Gmail that allows you to take the information from any email and put it into a loop. This eliminates the tedium of constantly switching between Gmail and dotloop in order to enter information, saving you time.

How to enable Loop-It™ for Gmail integration

Loop-It™ for Gmail by API Nation is a Google Chrome browser plugin. Get it from the Chrome web store.

On the Google Chrome Extension page, press the ‘Add to Chrome’ Button and click yes to add the extension.

When installation is complete, you’ll have the API Nation icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome browser.

To activate the extension onto your account, log into your Gmail. You will need to click the ‘Connect dotloop’ button and log into your dotloop to connect the Loop-It™ for Gmail by API Nation extension.

Once you log in with dotloop, there will be a final confirmation screen. Click ‘START SYNC’ to finish the installation.

Congratulations! Now the Loop-It™ for Gmail by API Nation is installed and ready to be used.

What is API Nation?

If you are not familiar with API Nation, it’s a tool that works as a bridge between your favorite apps, like dotloop and Google Calendar, to perform powerful syncs and automation called Workflows.

API Nation automatically syncs your applications. It’s finely tuned Workflows automate the common sense repetitive tasks. See all the applications with pre-built integrations here.