How to Set Up One Dashboard Combining Brokermint Data, Social Media, and Website Analytics

Have instant visibility into your entire real estate business and marketing

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work? Probably check email, and then start the painful process of gathering all the info from different reports and websites to parse and find out exactly how your business is doing.

It’s important. And like most important things, it can be time consuming. Well, here’s how to get some of that time back.

By setting up a Sync of your Brokermint data to Google Sheets, you’ll create real time updating spreadsheets of your:

  • Brokermint Transactions
  • Brokermint Commissions info
  • Brokermint Contacts
  • Brokermint Transaction Participants

Which is great! Especially if you’re a spreadsheet person who loves to analyze data and slice and dice to quickly gain insights.

Powering a Custom Dashboard with Brokermint Data :

Even better though, is you can take those spreadsheets and plug them into a Google Data Studio Report (which is free), which can then blend that data and show it alongside information from your Social Media pages, Youtube pages, and website performance.

Now you have an always updating, custom dashboard giving you everything you want to know from everywhere you want to know it, whenever you want.

Here’s a template we created and the instructions to use it as a starting point:

And here’s how to take your Google Spreadsheets with data from Your Brokermint and use them to power that custom dashboard in Google Data Studio:

Or simply follow these steps:

  • Go to the Brokermint Add-Ons area
  • Choose and set up the Google Sheets integration.
  • Open up the template for the dashboard above.
  • Click the three dots, and select “make a copy.”
  • Click the drop down under “New Data Source” and then select “Create Data Source.”
  • Click on “Google Sheets” and locate your Google Sheet called “Brokermint Transactions” that was created by the API Nation integration previously.
  • Continue to match up the sources with your Youtube channel and Google Analytics

This will create your own live and updating copy of the dashboard in your Google Data Studio account. This is just the beginning, You can even add additional charts for Commissions, Agent info and more.

Ready to Get Started on Your Dashboard?

This is just one example of the dashboard you can set up using your Brokermint data and, in some cases, by blending in a bit of data from other easily accessible sources. Get started by setting up your Google Sheets integration in the Brokermint Add-Ons area.

Have another app you’d like to Automate? Let’s do it!