How to Setup the kvCORE and BombBomb Video Email Integration

The kvCORE and BombBomb Integration will take any Leads or specific leads that are added to kvCORE and make sure they’re also ready for you to use in BombBomb. This Automation is the best way to send video messages in kvCORE.

The best part, it’s quick and easy to set up:

1. Add the API Nation integration in kvCORE

2. Sign into the apps


3. Launch!

1 Add the API Nation integration in kvCORE

  • Open kvCORE and navigate to the marketplace
  • Find API Nation and click “Get This”
  • In the Pop Up click “Add to kvCORE”
  • A new window with all out kvCORE integrations will open. Click the BombBomb icon to select this integration.

2 Sign Into the Apps

  • Sign into kvCORE in the window to connect it
  • Sign into BombBomb to connect

3 Configure and Launch!

  • Select the kvCORE Leads that you would like synced
    • From Lead Type, you can choose to select, All, Buyers, Sellers or any combination.
    • From Sources, you can select All, or combine multiple sources
  • Select the List and Drip with the leads you want synced
    • It’s optional to put these customers on a specific mailing list and/or drip. We’re all about automation obviously, so we’d highly recommend having these customer synced right to a List and Drip.
  • Hit Start!

That’s it! We’ve now connected your kvCORE and BombBomb accounts and those leads you selected will now be automatically added right onto your mailing lists. Absolutely consider setting up those Drips in BombBomb so that those Leads get nurtured ASAP. 

Easy as 123! If you have any questions or hiccups we’re here for you. 

We love doing this stuff!

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