How to Setup the Transactions (zipForm Edition) and Mailchimp Sync

Transactions (zipForm Edition) can now be seamlessly connected to Mailchimp. Now all of the contacts you have collected and continue to add into Transactions (zipForm Edition) can be automatically added to the Mailchimp Audience of your choice. It’s never been easier to create and manage an email newsletter list.

1. Making the Connection

2. Configuring the Connection


3. Launch!

1. Making the Connection

Click the “Partners” link in the dashboard header of Transactions (zipForm Edition)

Scroll on down to locate the Mailchimp tile and click “Link Account”

This will take you to API Nation to begin the connection. You will see the template to create your automated workflow sending and updating contacts from Transactions (zipForm Edition) to Mailchimp.

Click the template

To create the connections needed for the sync, first sign into Transactions (zipForm Edition) 

If you don’t remember your login info for Transactions (zipForm Edition) you can quickly reset your password by following these steps

Just by signing into Transactions (zipForm Edition) you’ll have made the connection. Now let’s connect Mailchimp.

Click the button and API Nation will ask for the API Key from your Mailchimp account

To find that API Key, login to your mailchimp account on Click the profile picture in the bottom corner, and then in click “Account” in the menu.

In the Account page click “Extras” and then API keys

Here is the API Key(s) for your account. If you do not see a ket, click the button that says “generate key”.

Highlight the entire API key and press ctrl+c to copy the text. (command + c on a Mac)

Return to the API Nation page and press  ctrl + v to paste the key into the API key field (command + v on a Mac). 

Enter your company name so you can easily recognize this Mailchimp connection in the case you have multiple Mailchimp accounts you will connect to API Nation. Click “Connect”

2. Configuring the Transactions (zipForm Edition) and Mailchimp Connection

The connection is ready to go. If you’d like to configure it however you can change the following:

Under Trigger, you can choose to limit the sync of contacts to those involved with Transactions of a particular status, such as Active or Pending. You can also change this to All, so that all the contacts you have in Transactions (zipForms Editions) will synced to Mailchimp.

You can also choose to only send contacts from a particular team in zipForm or All the teams in zipForms.

You can also choose to sync the contacts you’ve already added to Transactions (zipForm Edition) by checking the “Sync all on first run” box. Otherwise the connection will only sync contacts you add or update from today going forward.

After you make your choices be sure to click Save.

Under Action you can specify which Mailchimp Audience you would like the contacts synced to.

After you make your choice be sure to click Save. 

Something to keep in mind, you can create multiple Workflows sending contacts from Transactions (zipForms Edition) to Mailchimp. For example if you want to create an Audience in Mailchimp called Active Clients, and then under trigger only select contacts associated with an Active Transaction and then additionally set up an Audience in Mailchimp called Past Clients and then under trigger only select contacts associated with Closed or Fell Through Transactions. This way you can create more specific lists in Mailchimp. 

Finally you can specify the mapping of the data from Transactions (zipForm Edition) to Mailchimp. API Nation automatically maps most fields, though if there is a special set up you’d like to implement here just click the box on the left with the corresponding box on the right. 

Click Save after you’ve made your choices

3. Launching the Transactions (zipForm Edition) and Mailchimp Connection

Now that everything is configured how you’d like, just click Start near to the top of the screen to launch the Sync.

If this is your first Sync with API Nation, a payment pop-up will appear to record your payment information to start your subscription.

The integration will run every 15 minutes, checking Transactions (zipForm Edition) for new or updated contacts to send to Mailchimp, automatically creating and maintaining a useful Audience for your weekly email newsletter.

That’s it! You’re all set and ready to start your newsletter, keeping you top of mind will all clients, creating new leads and uncovering more deals to close.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with the Sync or Subscription, we are available here