Let’s say you’re a brokerage with many agents, and you love what we are doing at API Nation. You think all of your agents should use our workflows in order to keep data organized, reduce tedium, and stay up to date with their work.

Before team codes, agents in your brokerage would have to input their personal credit card information onto our site. They would sign up and pay the full price for each workflow. Depending on your number of agents, and their number of workflows, your brokerage would be paying the same amount for our workflows as you would be paying for something like dotloop, if not more.

Now all an agent has to do is enter your brokerage’s team code, and they can start their sync immediately. No more submitting personal credit cards or worrying about charges.

And the best part? A team code costs much less than paying for every individual workflow! Even if a few of your agents aren’t fans of API Nation, a team code still costs a fraction of what all those workflows would normally cost.

Contact us so that we can get your brokerage started with a team code today!