LionDesk and Brokermint Announce New Partnership Powered by API Nation

New Connection Syncs Transaction Data Back and Forth Automatically — Creates a Powerful and Seamless System.

San Diego, CA (January 20th, 2019) LionDesk and Brokermint today announced a new technology partnership and integration that connects their proven systems. The new feature brings together a powerful leads management, transaction management and back office solution in one easy to manage platform. The integration is created and powered by real estate integration leader — API Nation.

Both LionDesk’s best-in-class platform and Brokermint’s highly rated transaction management system feature open API’s which results in powerful integrations and flexibility for their clients.

“Our mission at LionDesk is to give our clients the ability to connect and integrate with the best tools in the Industry to alleviate major pain points of multiple logins and double-entry,” said David Anderson, LionDesk Founder and CEO. “With this integration, both LionDesk and Brokermint clients will be able to view and enter transactional data, eliminate mistakes and connect the data to LionDesk as a single source of record,” he added.

API Nation was chosen by the partners to create the integration based on their experience working with real estate platforms and knowledge of the unique needs of real estate brokers.

The new two way integration of LionDesk and Brokermint will allow their clients to enter or update a transaction in either platform, and have that information synced to the partner app automatically. Brokerages that use the integration could see a reduction in manual data entry of up to fifty percent while also having up-to-date transaction data consistently at hand, whether they’re working in LionDesk or Brokermint.

“LionDesk and Brokermint are leading the way, empowering their clients to create a seamless system of their dreams. We’re thrilled to work with them on this and future integrations as they continue to optimize their clients daily business processes,” 

Michael Davidovich

CEO, API Nation

In addition to reducing data entry The partnership between LionDesk and Brokermint will create a transparent “lead to close” system where clients can:

  • Increase brokerage ROI: discover which marketing channels result in closed business
  • Understand Leads: which ones are likely to purchase soon
  • Sync Contacts: name, phone, email, etc.
  • Push deals as transactions to your back office
  • Extend Analytics: with back office data (ROI reports)
  • Populate Commissions: from back office to QuickBooks
  • Generate Instant Reports: get data you need for important decisions

About LionDesk:

LionDesk has been the CRM (customer relationship management) platform of choice for over 165,000 real estate and mortgage professionals. Known for ease of use, affordability and customization, LionDesk leads the way in innovation with features such as video emailing, texting and an AI (artificial intelligence) lead follow up system.

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About Brokermint:

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Brokermint provides the most streamlined, easy-to-use real estate brokerage management system. Today’s top real estate professionals trust Brokermint to help them seamlessly manage all aspects of their back office tasks from one centralized dashboard.

From customizing commission structure to maintaining compliance with agent onboarding, all the analytics and information you need is right at your fingertips. Learn more at

About API Nation:

API Nation is a software integration platform known for its ease-of-use in the middleware industry. Connecting hundreds of applications using thousands of pre-built workflows, API Nation helps professionals everywhere make money and save time. Business owners know that by using API Nation to integrate their software and automate routine tasks, they can focus on what matters most: engaging clients and growing their business.

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