LionDesk Masterclass #3: Know Your Numbers and Business in Google Sheets

$55. That is the average cost of a lead to a real estate agent or broker. Just imagine how much your collection in LionDesk is worth! We show you how to connect LionDesk to Google Sheets so you can learn all about your real estate business using a real-time spreadsheet and also have an updated copy of all those valuable contacts so you’re always prepared.

Enjoy this recording of our recent LionDesk Masterclass where we show how to set up the two-way Google Sheets sync with LionDesk.

To Setup your LionDesk and Google Sheets Sync Just Click Here:

You can also see additional LionDesk Integrations by checking out the LionDesk Marketplace

Don’t see the Sync you need? We have many more including syncs for Constant Contact, Mojo Dialer, Brokermint, and more

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