LionDesk Taps API Nation to Speed Up Integration Process

The popular CRM continues their industry leading innovation by partnering with easy-to-use integration platform – API Nation.

SAN DIEGO, CA (August 8, 2019) – LionDesk on Thursday announced a partnership with API Nation, bringing new time saving workflows and integrations to their sales professionals. This new collaboration is the latest step in LionDesk’s commitment to giving their users the tools they need to succeed.

Already one of the fastest growing CRM platforms for real estate and sales professionals, LionDesk just added API Nation’s multi-app workflows to it’s already impressive toolbox. The additions will immediately allow users to pair LionDesk with apps like Mojo Dialer, Google Sheets and more, to experience radically new efficiencies and agility in their day to day business processes.

“This partnership is going to position us to be the most competitive CRM in Real Estate. With exciting new integrations through API Nation, LionDesk now has the ability to be connected to hundreds of different best of breed apps.”

David Anderson

Founder and CEO, LionDesk

API Nation solves one of the biggest problems facing CRM companies today: speeding up the integration process. With new apps being released every day, CRM platforms are always looking for ways to quickly integrate with new applications on the market while at the same time focusing on improving their core product. API Nation solves that problem by taking on and completing those integrations for them.

API Nation’s upward trajectory has been powerful this year, with the company adding new apps and workflows to its integration platform every week.

“Partners like LionDesk are going to keep our integrations momentum going strong. We provide a way for partners like LionDesk to continue to focus on their core competencies and do what they do best while we take care of their integration needs. No more worrying about how to sync up with that hot new app or platform because we will have already figured it out for them”

Michael Davidovich

CEO, API Nation

About API Nation:

API Nation is a software integration platform known for its ease-of-use in the real estate industry. Connecting hundreds of applications using thousands of pre-built workflows, API Nation helps real estate professionals make money and save time. Real estate professionals know that by using API Nation to integrate their software and automate routine tasks, they can focus on what matters most: engaging clients and growing their business.

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About LionDesk:

LionDesk is a customer relationship management system (CRM) that makes it easy and affordable for sales professionals to connect, communicate with, and close more leads using advanced technology. Its most popular features include video email and texting, automated lead follow up, task reminders, and database segmentation. LionDesk is an open API platform that integrates with hundreds of the best business building and management tools so professionals can run their entire business from one system.

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