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Why do your customers choose systems that easily connect with the other applications? Because, running a study shows that an average company uses more than 30 software apps and services in their daily work. Think CRM, Accounting, ERP, Back Office management, e-commerce, file storage, project management, etc. They choose the best tool for the job. Getting these many applications to collaborate is imperative – but it quickly gets out of control.

How do you make sure that your app is part of your customer’s go-to business tool set and stands out from the crowd? That’s where we come in.

Simplify Your Customer’s Work.

Software companies who encourage integration and collaboration are exponentially more effective to their customers and consistently win over closed-in systems. With Apination your customers can focus on running their business, not integrating a bunch of apps.

After connecting your software to Apination, your customers will be able to automate vital business workflows applicable to your software. For example:

  • Sync prospects and customers
  • Sync accounting info
  • Sync products, deals & orders
  • Retrieve info for dashboards and reports automatically.
  • And hundreds of other operations.

If your app syncs seamlessly to the top business apps in the market, your customers are inclined to stay onboard. As a result, your customer acquisition and retention rate can soar upwards of 25%.

Why Apination?

At Apination, we believe that software should integrate, connect and work together in a collaborative harmony. We’ve poured thousands of hours into researching applications, solving business workflow challenges, simplifying routine tasks and building automated enterprise grade connections.

Partner With Us: Fill Your Customer’s Needs.

You’ve done the hard part. Your team has built an immensely valuable business software system that benefits the movers and shakers of the world.

Now it’s time to make sure your software is part of customer’s tool belt. Once you partner with Apination, we will work with you to study your customer’s workflow challenges, review or help you enhance your  API, design valuable workflows, and integrate your software with other top-class applications for you – saving you money, time, and about 135 cups of coffee.  Plus we’ll help you support your integrations!

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