Before getting to the FAQ, there are a few things to address that may answer common questions.

Tracking API Nation Updates to QuickBooks

It is quite simple to track API Nation’s changes to your QuickBooks Desktop.

There is a QBD audit log report that can be accessed by:

  1. Going to “Report”
  2. Selecting “Accountant and Taxes”
  3. Clicking “Audit Trail”

This report will track your transaction history and could be useful in making sure our sync is working fully.

We recommend creating another user under the name API Nation in your QuickBooks Desktop. This is done by going to Company > Set up Users and Passwords > Set up Users > Add User. Please note that the API Nation user needs admin privileges in order for our workflows to have full functionality.

From there go to Edit > Preferences > Integrated Applications > Company Preferences. Then select the API Nation workflow and click properties. From here you can change the user through which the workflow logs transactions to API Nation.

This makes it so that the Audit Trail logs all of the transactions our workflow updates and puts it under the API Nation user, making it easy to track the changes our syncs made to QuickBooks.

How to connect QuickBooks Desktop hosted by Right Networks.

When connecting API Nation to your QuickBooks Desktop company file that is hosted by Right Networks, first you will want to make sure that:

  1. You are logged into Right networks and QuickBooks as an Admin
  2. You follow the instructions outlined in this article: How to Connect QuickBooks Desktop to API Nation.

Be sure to follow these steps from the web browser while logged into Right Networks.

If you are unable to follow the integration steps because you don’t have a web browser in your Right Networks account, then you can contact Right Networks technical support team and they will help install one in your account (we suggest the Google Chrome web browser).

How to reach the Right Networks technical support team for assistance:

  • via phone at 888-417-4448
  • by email at
  • through their live chat that’s available from within the Right Networks Help Desk –

If you run into any other trouble integrating the two accounts, get in touch with our team

Error modifying Vendor list (or Customer list). Cannot merge list elements (3170).

You are seeing a message: “There was an error when modifying a Vendor list (or Customer list), element “XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXXXXX”. QuickBooks error message: Cannot merge list elements. (3170).”


This error occurs when the name in the external system was edited to a name that already exists in QuickBooks desktop’s Vendor, Customer, Employee, or “Other Names” list. QuickBooks does not allow for any two records in these lists to have the same name. For example, if you have a Vendor named Sunny Real Estate, you can not also have a Customer with the same name of Sunny Real Estate.


If there is an existing record with this name in the same list in QuickBooks, change the name slightly in QuickBooks or in the external system. (for example: add an “- v” to the end of the vendor name). Once you sync the record, you can edit the name in QuickBooks to remove the “- v” extra characters you added and QuickBooks will prompt you to merge it with an existing QuickBooks.

If you cannot find an existing record in the same list in QuickBooks, it’s likely that the name is in a different list in QuickBooks (Vendors, Customers, Employees or Other Names), or the record might be marked as in-Active.


You can always append a vendor name to include “- Vendor” at the end if the same name appears on your customer or employee list as an example. or append “- Customer” to the customer name.

There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Payee. The specified record does not exist in the list. (3140).

Error: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Payee “ABC Inc” in the Check. QuickBooks error message: Invalid argument. The specified record does not exist in the list. (3140).


This error occurs when the sync is creating a check for a payee which no longer exists in QuickBooks. API Nation Sync will remember the Payees it has established and used in syncing checks. If the payee is removed, for example, if you have a Vendor named “Sunny Real Estate”, and then you rename the vendor in QuickBooks to “Sunny Real Estate Inc”, and try to sync a check for “Sunny Real Estate”, QuickBooks will report that the such a Payee does not exist.


When you rename your Payees in QuickBooks, run the QuickBooks Web Connector sync. This lets our sync know about the changes you have made. Then sync the check to QuickBooks.


Keep the payee names the same between QuickBooks and other systems. When syncing payees and checks from external systems into QuickBooks, maintain Payee names in those external systems and let API Nation, sync the changes into QuickBooks for you.


How do I connect QuickBooks Desktop to API Nation?

Here is a setup article on our website to guide you.

Did API Nation install something on my computer?

QuickBooks Web Connector, created by Intuit, is what we use to update your QuickBooks Desktop. This is downloaded during setup along with the Apination.qwc text file that tells the Web Connector where to get updates. We don’t install any programs on your computer.

Do you guys delete transactions on QuickBooks Desktop?

No, we only add new/update transactions based on updates from the application you connected to QuickBooks. We do not delete anything.

Are there any other error codes for which you have solutions?

For error codes 3100, 3175, 3176, and 3180 the workflow will retry on its own. If there is another error you experience, we will have to assist you directly.

After I started the sync with API Nation, my backup keeps failing. How do I fix it?

First, we recommend that you check that you have the latest version of Web Connector installed.

If the problem persists, then what you can try is shutting down the Web Connector, running your backup, and re-opening Web Connector when the backup is finished.

My sync isn’t working. Can you help me?

We can, but you will need to check some things first.

First, check that you have the latest version of Web Connector installed.

Second, enable verbose logging by following the instructions here.

Once verbose logging is enabled, the Web Connector will log all the fails. We can look at these logs and try to help you out.

You could also reach out to the Intuit Support Team with these logs. Intuit developed the Web Connector, so their technicians are well versed in the errors that may occur while using it.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please send an email to or contact us.