Outdoor Sporting Goods distributor wanted to increase sales to existing customers and re-engage them, by running highly targeted marketing campaigns. Customers’ orders were coming in through a variety of channels, and their data laid in Salesforce and various internal databases. Customers’ tools lacked a way to process the information and build real-time highly targeted marketing lists.

The team chose API Nation to automate the processing of orders, customers, and product data to create and maintain highly targeted lists for marketing.

The Tools

SalesForce, Internal marketing databases

The Client

A sporting goods distributor that sells outdoor and camping gear to a wide range of wholesale and retail customers, through a variety of channels.

Salesforce Marketing Integration Project

Increase sales through targeted marketing.

The client is a sporting goods wholesaler seeking to increase sales. The team needed to target customers based on customer’s profile, product-specific, and time-specific purchase patterns.

The project could be accomplished by analyzing orders and maintaining accurate and targeted customers lists. The lists would feed marketing campaigns to solicit new orders from existing customers. The customers would see relevant ads on Facebook and Google. Receive targeted emails or mailing promotions with seasonal discounts or related product ideas. The initiative focused on customer retention and re-engagement.

The Solution

Connect Salesforce and internal databases to API Nation to create workflows to build and maintain specific marketing lists.


To help the client solve this issue, API Nation created routes from orders entered in Salesforce. Combined this data with information from product and internal databases. API Nation’s workflows were able to process data and build custom tailored lists in real-time.
The lists fed into campaigns that enabled the customer to target promotions toward customers who had purchased a particular product in given timeframes.

By automating and integrating Salesforce with Marketing databases, the client cut out the manual work and increased sales with API Nation powering compelling, focused campaigns.

From Author: I hear interest from customers in learning how "other" customers are using API Nation. What does API Nation integrate and automate? What systems we connect and how? These customer's stories are a way for us to answer these questions and share our projects. How can we help you? ~ Michael Davidovich

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