Sisu, a performance management and business intelligence platform that helps real estate professionals take advantage of their data, chose API Nation to integrate Sisu’s platform with real estate applications, such as Boomtown CRM. As they looked forward to growing their footprint and connecting additional real estate platforms to power their proprietary software, Sisu thought it was critical to partner with a company that could deliver a fully functional integration with Boomtown’s CRM platform to bring real-time analytics to the masses.

What is API Nation?

If you are not familiar with API Nation, it’s a tool that works as a bridge between your favorite apps, like dotloop and Google Sheets, to perform powerful syncs and automation called Workflows.

API Nation automatically syncs your applications. It’s finely tuned Workflows automate the common sense repetitive tasks. See all the applications with pre-built integrations here.

Due to their extensive experience in delivering more real estate technology integrations than anyone else in the space, API Nation was the obvious choice for Sisu’s “go to” integration partner.  By partnering with API Nation, Sisu could ensure that their real estate customers have an easy and friendly integration experience that allows them to more easily take advantage of their transactional data through the BoomTown! platform.

Announced today, API Nation is powering the integrations and workflows that connect Sisu to the following technology tools that the industry uses every day, such as:

  • BoomTown!
  • ZipForm
  • kvCORE
  • Google Suite
  • dotloop
  • And more…

The partnership with API Nation further extends the commitment of empowering Agents, Brokerages, and Brands with the tools they need to be successful – regardless of the platforms, they invest in. With a desire to continually add to their library of best of breed products and an obsession with integrating more and more real estate technology platforms, API Nation adds to their library weekly, often by the direction of top producing professionals and focus groups.

Sisu’s team is bringing incredible technology to real estate. They’ve unlocked their platform to help brokers take advantage of it. I am thrilled that we can help Sisu’s customers do this with ease.

Michael Davidovich

CEO/Founder, API Nation

They’ve unlocked their platform to help brokers take advantage of it. I am thrilled that we can help Sisu’s customers do this with ease. We are excited to have a partner that understands the software integration needs of the real estate industry, the needs of our customers, and delivers.

Brian Charlesworth

CEO, Sisu

As the relationship expands, the industry can look for additional updates and expansion of connected applications. With a clear product roadmap that expands to other platforms, the two companies hope to become a catalyst for empowerment. Which will ultimately lead to business growth for the industry at large.

About Sisu

Sisu is the complete sales and recruiting performance management and business intelligence software platform for real estate and mortgage. It was developed as a tool to simplify the tracking of sales metrics, provide critical analysis of those numbers, and gamify the entire real estate and mortgage sales experience. We have evolved to provide a central hub of real estate and mortgage sales transactions; consolidating disparate systems into one common view.

While we love motivating and managing by data, our passion lies in motivating sales teams by encouraging healthy competition and accountability. We want all of our users to reach their goals by understanding exactly what is needed in order to do so. Every sales environment could use more grit, determination, perseverance, and courage.  For more information visit

About API Nation

API Nation is the only purpose-built integration platform for the real estate industry. With hundreds of connected applications and thousands of pre-built workflows, API Nation helps real estate professionals make money, connect their software and automate routine tasks so they can focus on saving time, interfacing with clients and growing their businesses.

API Nation works with some of the largest real estate software providers and brands across every discipline. For more information visit