Special On Demand Webinar: How to Generate Leads This Month with a Holiday Light Map Facebook Campaign

We got you a little something. It’s a slick way to generate leads all month long through a special $5 a day Facebook campaign!

In our Holiday Marketing webinar, Zach from Real Estate Growth Hackers mentioned a powerful lead generating campaign: the Holiday Light Map Facebook campaign. In this special on demand webinar, Zach will take us “soup to nuts'” setting up and collecting all our new leads from this campaign.

Follow along and you’ll have a lead generator running though this special season in no time!

Automate your Facebook Leads into your CRM or Google Sheets:

Now that you have your campaign up and running, let’s take two minutes and set up some automations so your Facebook leads are synced right into your CRM and ready for follow up.

Always Have a Backup

Also you’ll want to sync them to a Google Sheet to keep a neat and tidy backup of those hard earned leads.

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