The last thing a busy real estate agent wants to do is re-type every contact from Dotloop into a phone book. After all, who has time to search for phone numbers inside their Loops, emails and texts??  

Thankfully,  API Nation has created an easy productivity hack for every real estate agent who has a Dotloop profile, a gmail account with Google Contacts, and a smartphone (either iPhone or Android). Every time a contact is added to Dotloop, the name and number will automatically sync to Google Contacts


For the price of one Starbucks latte a month, no more guessing who’s calling or texting you! No more missing important calls from your buyers and sellers, escrow, title or inspector. You also won’t lose any contacts from any of your transactions. If they are in your loop, once you set up the sync, they will always stay in your Google Contacts. Imagine changing brokerages and losing all that data!!  And, of course, you won’t waste any more time re-typing information from Dotloop loops into your phone book and e-mail. That means more time with your family and more time selling homes and getting face to face with buyers and sellers.


There are just few steps to set-up the sync and make sure that you get most out of it.

Step 1. Enable Google Contacts. By default, all Android phones contain the Google Contacts app. If you’re an iPhone user and you’ve set up your gmail account on your iPhone and/or iPad, then Google Contacts will automatically appear on your iPhone/iPad too. To check if your Google Contacts are synced to your iPhone/iPad, go to “Settings” and click on “Accounts & Passwords.” Make sure that your gmail account is connected and that your “Contacts” are turned on (green).
Pro Tip: To make finding contacts on your phone even easier, try this trick: When you add a person to a Loop, add the Loop address to the “Company Name” field. That way, when you sync contacts with your phone, you can easily find them by the Loop address rather than having to remember and search by names.
By storing contact info with the property address under the Company Name field, the address will appear directly under the name in your phone and look like this:
Step 2. Sync your dotloop contacts to Google Contacts. You can either follow the steps in this video or follow these step-by-step instructions. Go to and click on “Try 2 Weeks Free” under Google Contacts. Click “Connect dotloop” Sign-in to your dotloop account. (If you’re already signed-in into your dotloop account, you won’t see this screen.) Click “Approve” to authorize API Nation to use your dotloop account. Click “Next” to choose which gmail account to use with the dotloop – Google Contacts sync. Sign into your gmail account. Click “Allow” to allow API Nation to access your Google Account. Click on “Start Free Trial.” API Nation offers 2-weeks free and then bills $5/month thereafter, cancel anytime.   Within minutes, all your dotloop contacts will automatically appear in your Google Contacts, phone, email or tablet.

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