Behind every successful real estate agent is a host of personal connections. The best way to manage those connections effectively is to plug them into a CRM (customer relationship management) app, to keep notes, set reminders and nurture a large number of contacts. 

One of the more popular CRM apps real estate brokerages use is the kvCORE Platform from the team at Inside Real Estate.

Successful real estate agents also want to keep making connections. One of the most effective ways to do that is by running Facebook Lead Ads.

And if you’re a savvy agent or team you’ll use the API Nation integration that automatically catches all those Facebook Leads from your ads and syncs them into kvCORE.


API Nation’s Facebook Lead Ads to kvCORE Integration


Easy to Set-Up

To be honest, we’re way out in the technological weeds here. We’re throwing around terms like “API”, “integrations”, “CRM”. Unless you’re a web developer you may be overwhelmed.

That’s perfect! API Nation is here to handle all the crazy coding and plumbing so that you can use this integration with the flip of a switch.

If you’re ready to set up that integration, head over to our “How To Setup Facebook to kvCORE integration” walkthrough.

No More Facebook Leads Falling Through the Cracks

A quality lead is worth its weight in gold (ed.note data doesn’t really “weigh” anything, but I’m going to let this slide).

Real estate leads on average are $30. Even missing just a handful of those during the rigmarole of data entry will cost agents hundreds of dollars a month!

Because this integration is syncing all the time, practically as soon as a lead responds to an ad, they will be flawlessly added to your kvCORE Leads collection. 


Slap a Hashtag on It

One of the great features of kvCORE is how it utilizes hashtags with contacts to easily pipe them into drip campaigns, search alerts, workflows and more. Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to automatically tag Facebook Leads with a hashtag as they’re being synced to kvCORE?

It’s a rhetorical question because yes, of course it would! And it’s a piece of cake to add to your integration. We have a 2 minute demo of how to do that here:

We have yet to meet an agent who is in the business for the love of data entry and paperwork. Fortunately we got into our business for the love of building integrations and workflows like this Facebook to kvCORE sync. We want to help you win back your time, and focus on your clients.

Join us in API Nation where we work smarter.

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