Are you wasting time and dealing with entry errors reconciling your customer’s payments with QuickBooks?


We are always expanding our QuickBooks workflows, connections, and automation. The latest addition in the works is a sync for the payments you process through your merchant services (ex: Credit Cards, Debit, Paypal, ACH, etc) and QuickBooks.

We are inviting beta customers to try out our workflows and help review these new integrations. Contact us now and be among the first customers to get it for free!

Apination workflow will automatically:

  • Sync your daily transactions with QuickBooks.
  • Add new or match to existing customers in QuickBooks.
  • Create invoices, sales receipts or payments in QuickBooks.
  • Enter daily batches, deposits, and fees into proper accounts.
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Our goal is to save you time and eliminate the errors that come from manually keying in the transaction information. Join the group of our beta customers and be among the first customers to get the sync for free!

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