Video: Insider Compliance Tips from a Former DRE Investigator

Few things will bring your real estate business to a screeching halt like poor compliance practices. When brokers find themselves in the middle of an audit or fielding subpoena after subpoena, they turn to Summer Goralik.

We sat down with Summer to learn:

  • What happens if a brokerage is out of compliance?
  • What are the biggest compliance mistakes agents make?
  • What are the best practices Brokers should follow?
  • Are there any tech tools that can help?

Summer Goralik is a Real Estate Compliance Consultant and licensed California Real Estate Broker (#02022805). Summer offers real estate brokers a variety of consulting services including assistance with California Department of Real Estate (DRE) audit preparation, mock audits, advertising review, and training. Summer has an extensive background in real estate which includes private sector, regulatory and law enforcement experience. Most recently, she worked for the Orange County District Attorney’s Office as a Civilian Economic Crimes Investigator in their Real Estate Fraud Unit. Prior to that, Summer worked for the DRE for six years as an Investigator. Among many achievements, she wrote several articles for DRE, four of which were co-authored with former Commissioner Wayne Bell. 

What’s next?

Automate a live backup of your Transaction Management app. A solid step towards compliance as your transaction files organize themselves into a single folder on your Google Drive. 


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