What are Facebook Lead Ads and How Do I Set Them Up?

Welcome to the brave world of Facebook advertising! There are a lot of great options when you’re considering running ads on Facebook, for real estate agents, one of the most effective is the Facebook Lead Ad.

Facebook Lead Ads are a unique option that includes a form (which you also create) that captures information for potential clients.

Here’s how to get started. 

1. You need to have a business page on Facebook in order to set these ads up. Facebook has a great walkthrough on creating a business page here:

2. Next you can create the Form and Lead Ad. 

3. Finally you’ll want to setup a sync between Facebook and your CRM or Google Sheets so that every response to those ads is instantly added to your CRM or marketing automation.

For the Visual Learners:

The Inside Real Estate Team has created an amazing video with a complete walkthrough creating the Facebook Lead Ad and setting up the Sync to instantly have them added as a Lead in kvCORE.

We have a quick 4 minute walkthrough setting up the Facebook Lead Ads to kvCORE

If you happen to be receiving the error code 103: “CRM access has been revoked from Lead Access Manager”. That is an easy adjustment we walk you through here:

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