You Can Now Sync Contacts from BombBomb to BoomTown or BombBomb to Follow Up Boss

Good news! Contacts can now be easily shared from your CRM to BombBomb the video email tool. Sending your leads a video email can boost engagement 96%

  • Share contacts from your CRM to BombBomb
  • Automate a series of video emails to your contacts
  • Get more engagement from leads to create more deals

To celebrate the launch of these two Syncs, if you start the Sync this month (January, 2021), your BombBomb Sync is free!

Checkout the BoomTown and BombBomb Walkthrough Here:

Checkout the Follow Up Boss and BombBomb Walkthrough Here:

Have another CRM? No problem. We have BombBomb syncs available for a ton of other apps including Mailchimp, Google Contacts, and Facebook Lead Ads. Click here to see the entire list