How to Setup the DocuSign to Google Drive Backup and Sync Integration from the KW Marketplace

The DocuSign to Google Drive Integration will completely backup all your past work from DocuSign to Google Drive and also sync all your new work automatically. Having all your hard work safe and secure can bring incredible peace of mind and make compliance a breeze.

The best part, it’s quick and easy to set up:

That’s it! We’ve now connected and begun the backup of all your work in DocuSign Rooms to Google Drive. Depending on how much data there is, the complete backup could take a while to complete. You can check in, by peeking at your records in Google Drive and watching them grow. Once caught up, the sync takes over, making sure any work and changes you do throughout the day are reflected in your Google Drive version.

Easy as 123! If you have any questions or hiccups we’re here for you.

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