LionDesk Masterclass #4: Direct Mail to Personalize Follow Ups and Generate Leads – QuantumDigital

Direct mail has become a favorite farming strategy of top producers. LionDesk now has an integration with the team at QuantumDigital so you can sync your LionDesk contacts right onto a list at QuantumDigital, and have them sent a direct mail campaign with a push of a button.

Enjoy this recording of our recent LionDesk Masterclass, Matt from QuantumDigital walks us through top direct mail strategies and we show how to set up the QuantumDigital sync with LionDesk.

3 Steps to Start Using Direct Mail:

1) Create your free QuantumDigital account

2) Setup your LionDesk and QuantumDigital Sync Just Click Here:

You can also see additional LionDesk Integrations by checking out the LionDesk Marketplace

3) Send your First AutoMail Campaign to LionDesk contacts using QuantumDigital:

Here’s a quick walkthrough with some tips to do that

That’s it. Now your LionDesk contacts will be nurtured automatically creating deals over the next 12 months

Don’t see the Sync you need? We have many more including syncs for Constant Contact, Mojo Dialer, Brokermint, and more

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