The customer wanted to get the products into clients hands quicker. To get it done, they choose API Nation to streamline ordering and fulfillment interactions between their sales, accounting and fulfillment teams, and systems.

The Tools

SalesForce and QuickBooks Enterprise 2017

The Client

A wholesaler that uses Salesforce as their CRM platform to track sales, maintain product and pricing, and store customer information.

The client kept its customer list in Salesforce, using the default accounts and contacts objects. Collecting leads and enabling the sales team to call on the customers to solicit orders. To keep the process streamlined, they also maintained their product catalog and pricing in salesforce. Having the customer, pricing and product information handy, this  enabled the sales team to get the orders from the customers without leaving Salesforce.

Speeding up the sales and fulfillment process

Streamline ordering, payment and fulfillment process and automate the interactions between the teams and systems

The client needed to find a way to streamline the sales, ordering and fulfillment process between their sales and accounting teams. To avoid waiting for the step-by-step manual interactions between each department, the client chooses API Nation to automate and efficiently cut down the time it took to get the products into customer’s hands.

Work uniformly

Connect Salesforce and QuickBooks and enable a series of automated workflows

API Nation connected the clients Salesforce and QuickBooks and enabled several automated workflows to solve the customer’s problem.

  1. The product information is automatically synced to QuickBooks as soon as a new product enters Salesforce, or any existing product is updated.
  2. Customer’s order automatically creates an invoice in Quickbooks matching or adding a new customer to QuickBooks as needed.
  3. Customer’s payment processed by the accounting department updates the order as ready for the shipping department to fulfill.
  4.  Any credits available to a customer, are automatically applied to open invoices.

Everyone benefits

Automation of the ordering process equals faster fulfillment and customer satisfaction.

By automating the sales and payment processing, the client was able to speed up the fulfillment process and cut down on mistakes to orders allowing teams to work as a cohesive unit.

From Author: I hear interest from customers in learning how "other" customers are using API Nation. What does API Nation integrate and automate? What systems we connect and how? These customer's stories are a way for us to answer these questions and share our projects. How can we help you? ~ Michael Davidovich