Customer Relationship Management tools like kvCORE are incredibly powerful and essential for real estate agents. They help you focus on leads and guide those leads towards quick conversion. Sometimes it’s helpful to take a step back and analyze data to learn what is working and what is not working. If you’re looking to learn from data, look no further than Google Sheets.

Google Sheets is a free online spreadsheet program similar to popular programs like Excel or Numbers. You can easily manipulate large chunks of data to create reports, charts, and graphs.

API Nation has taken Google Sheets and created an integration for kvCORE, so all that data is shared and ready in Google Sheets for you to start charting.

Easy to Set-Up

Most real estate agents are excited to learn about their clients, their business, and their performance. Learning how to connect software however, not exciting.

Thankfully we love connecting software and have done all that work for you! All that’s left to start seeing that kvCORE data in Google Sheets is a few button pushes.

We’ve put together this very short walkthrough and video to guide you through every button push.

Quickly and Easily Create Graphs and Reports

Numbers are great, but a picture is worth at least 1000 words. And words are not numbers…? Anyway, the point is – graphs, charts and visuals can make numbers much more informative. Sync all that data into Google Sheets and set up a report showing:

  • A Leaderboard celebrating “Deal Closers”
  • A graph of how lead generation is going
  • A chart of sales by zip code

Once the report is set up in Google Sheets, the integration from API Nation will keep it up to date with the freshest data from kvCORE.


All Your Leads, Backed Up Automatically

Experts agree, you need to have your data backed up. It’s a simple insurance policy when the worst happens. Years of lead collecting and nurturing *poof*, inexplicably gone from the cloud. Having it stored in a separate location such as Google Sheets keeps it ready to go and readily at hand wherever you are.

kvCORE and Google Sheets are each incredibly powerful business tools. Let’s get them connected and make some real magic happen.

Join us in API Nation, where we work smarter.

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