Being a real estate professional means being highly relational. In the digital age it can be easy to hide behind texts, emails, flyers, and phone calls. But if you want to really establish a deep connection, humanize your contact, and stay top of mind you need to be sending video messages.

Messages containing a video can expect 96% higher engagement. kvCORE most likely already has your relationship management motor humming along smoothly. Now it’s time to add a little nitro in the form of video. And API Nation’s kvCORE and BombBomb integration is the best way to do it!

API Nation’s kvCORE to BombBomb video messaging integration

Easy to Set-Up

You know what video stars never worry about? How the video gets compressed and delivered through the wires, beamed to satellites to end up playing on a cellphone. We believe that all the nitty gritty details should be handled so you can focus on your message. All you have to do it flip a few switches and you’re ready to go!

Check out our kvCORE integration setup video here:

Send the Right Video, At the Right Time

Videos are good, relevant videos are great! The integrations we’ve built that syncs kvCORE to BombBomb allows you to import leads directly into a video drip campaign. You can also filter those customers for some factors like source, type (buyer, seller, vendor etc), and status. So you can for example, have all the leads you gathered from a recent open house (source) dropped right into a drip campaign with additional info about the listing and some other popular listings in the area.

Another example is to have all your Leads who close on a house (status is “closed) get a video from you congratulating them on their fantastic purchase, and then some time later, another video will hit their inbox with a video asking for referrals.

Keep Your Life Data Entry Free

API Nation’s completely automated sync between kvCORE and BombBomb takes care of all the copying, pasting, importing, exporting, and data management. All that happens behind the scenes, with machines talking to machines, so people can talk to people.

We’ve yet to meet an agent who got into this business for the love of data entry and paperwork. Fortunately we got into this for the love of building integrations and workflows like this kvCORE and BombBomb sync, so you can win back your time, and focus on your clients.

Join us in API Nation where we work smarter.

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