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BombBomb has announced a strategic partnership with the real estate industry’s most connected integration software provider, API Nation. Focused on delivering hundreds of integration options for Real Estate professionals, BombBomb is now available on the API Nation integration platform and is rolling out three of the largest integrations their customers have requested to help them automate their campaigns, streamline business processes and remove the gaps of disconnected software.

  • MailChimp to BombBomb
  • Facebook Leads to BombBomb
  • kvCORE to BombBomb

With over 35,000+ active customers and 60+ partners, BombBomb understands the value they can provide to a large constituent of real estate professionals across the globe. Their aim is to: “Bring back humanity to digital marketing through video and personal communications”. Partnering with API Nation and releasing these integrations is an extension of that mission, allowing their customers to bridge the connectivity gap between the various software platforms their customers use on a daily basis.

Rob Kirkpatrick, Partner Manager at BombBomb said, “We are really excited to be working with API Nation. Enabling our mutual customers to save time and energy by syncing leads into their BombBomb accounts, will empower them to get back to what they do best – being face to face with clients.”

With an aligned mission of helping customers get back to spending time face to face with clients, API Nation will deliver pre configured automations and workflows that reduce overall platform disparity by rolling out interconnectivity that makes meaningful impacts to their mutual users.

“With a partnership like the one between API Nation and BombBomb, we’re taking the best of breed video marketing platform and enriching it with connections that matter,” said Steve Peele II, Head of Growth at API Nation. “We couldn’t be more excited about this strategic partnership and what it means for thousands of real estate professionals across the globe.”

About API Nation:

API Nation is the only purpose-built integration platform for the real estate industry. With hundreds of connected applications and thousands of pre-built workflows, API Nation helps real estate professionals make money, connect their software and automate routine tasks so they can focus on saving time, interfacing with clients and growing their businesses.

API Nation works with some of the largest real estate software providers and brands across every discipline. For more information visit apination.com

About BombBomb:

We empower your greatest asset, you.

To be successful, you need to truly connect with your prospects and clients. But in today’s inbox, basic email just doesn’t cut it. BombBomb puts you back into your sales process, and gets you face to face with the people who matter most!