In seconds, your JobNimbus and Mailchimp contacts are connected and synced. Try It!

API Nation closes the loop between JobNimbus and Mailchimp. Helping you automate your email marketing by keeping your contacts in sync.

As a business owner, you understand the importance of repeat and referral business. To quickly grow your business, you need an experienced email marketing automation provider. Millions of small businesses rely on Mailchimp’s resources and tools to make them more money, and grow their business through targeted email campaigns.

Keeping JobNimbus and Mailchimp synced?

API Nation’s JobNimbus –> Mailchimp sync, seamlessly keeps your contact in sync between these applications. This eliminates data entry, having to remember to update your list, and frees your sales team to focus on selling.

How do our customers use this sync?

A&B Construction has thousands of contacts. The contacts are classified and assigned to different sales reps in JobNimbus. Everyday the sales team calls on new clients, qualifies leads, and enters that information into JobNimbus.

Prior to subscribing to API Nation’s sync, to run their marketing and automated email drip campaigns, sales reps had to remember to export all information from JobNimbus, log into Mailchimp, and manually re-enter it again.

In an ideal world the information entered would match and update Mailchimp lists. Unfortunately, that is not reality of day to day operations. Misspellings, mistakes, duplicates, and simple omissions often threw the company’s marketing campaigns out of whack.

A few months ago A&B Construction started using API Nation’s Mailchimp sync. Now, once a contact is entered or updated in JobNimbus the sync works in the background to automatically transfer or update contacts in Mailchimp.

Using the JobNimbus contact fields, the company automatically trigger emails and runs marketing campaigns.

Now what?

If you want your sales reps to be data entry experts then Don’t Click This Link!

However, if you are ready to take your email marketing to the next level, don’t waste any time and take advantage of our limited time two week trial today!

Using JobNimbus and Mailchimp?

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Using JobNimbus, but not Mailchimp?

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Using Mailchimp but not JobNimbus?

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